Stephanie Moore

Stephanie is a caring, loving and creative woman which is reflected in her hobbies. After 15 years of floral design work, she found another talent in painting. She loves to paint for her children and family and never ceases to amaze with her talent. She also loves to teach and her passion is holiness. 

She currently helps lead the Jerusalem Saturday congregation as well as teaching a weekly Bible study in her home. Stay tuned for an adjacent website displaying her many paintings.

Dennis Moore

Dennis is not as creative as his counter part, but can be just as passionate about his hobbies. When he gets a chance to stateside he really enjoys riding motorcycle with his sons. He also loves to hunt with them, his brothers, nephews and nieces. Dennis served as a Pastor for 7 years in the States including pioneering the Hope For Today UPC. He currently assists in overseeing the works in Israel, preaching weekly at different locations.